Week of April 27, 2015

We are accepting new GRCC members for the 2015-16 Season. Please tell friends and classmates about the information session at GHTC on Tuesday, May 12!


Gilbert & Sullivan Iolanthe performances by the GRCC Cantare Choir and Capitol Opera Richmond will be Friday May 8th and Saturday May 9th. Go to the Capitol Opera website for ticket information. This promises to be a great show! http://www.capitoloperarichmond.com/upcoming-showsget-tickets.html


Concert Choir member Jack Rigdon will be performing with the Richmond Symphony and Chorus May 9th and 10th. If you are interested in attending the Sunday matinee with a group of GRCC members, please contact Jack's mom, Rachel Rigdon. See this link for more information about the RSO concert.



HOME PRACTICE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF MAY 1- 10. Practice every day following the instructions posted here weekly!


Treble Choir

Congratulations on your successful concert at the Library Saturday, April 25th! Thank you for your wonderful singing and introductions!

For Rehearsal May 5th:

A Hymn of Glory - Sing individually all verses from memory with correct notes and words

How Can I Keep from Singing - Individually hold your part in last verse with the other part

We will hand out service music and hymns for GHTC May 17th 8:45 service. Practice them at home the following week also.

Begin working on Siyahamba with the following 3-part division:

top: Zach, Grace, Lila, Mia-Lynn, Sarah

middle: James, Faith, Wesley, Tani-Marie

bottom: Matthew, Arelis, Brock, Maria

Continue to practice Two Tigers and Sing a Song for our June 7th Spring Concert.


Concert Choir

What a great day we had in Staunton at the School for the Deaf and Blind and at the Frontier Museum on Wednesday, April 22nd! Thank you for your beautiful expressive singing, your outgoing and warm interactions with the visually handicapped children at the school, and your general good humor to make it the perfect day!

For Rehearsal May 4th:

Learn Britten's Fishing Song passed out at the 4/27 rehearsal and be able to sing it solo.

For Good was a good first performance but we still need to work on phrasing, breathing, and enunciation. Be able to hold your part by yourself with the other part. These people sing alto: Grace, Kelly, William, Clara, Maddie, Chip, Lea, Elisabeth, Cameron, Kennedy

We will hand out Siyahamba at rehearsal. Begin learning this with the following 3-part division:

top: Abbie, Peter, Treva, Anya, Ale, Lillian, Kamirra

middle: Jack, Lauren, Leo, Kennedy, Elizabeth, Clara, Lea

bottom: William, Kelly, Chip, Cameron, Maddie, Grace

Continue to practice other Britten songs and Dvorak for June 7th Spring Concert.




Have all music and dialogue memorized for Friday, May 1st rehearsal at Bon Air Baptist Church 7-9:30 p.m. Bring scores to take notes on additional staging and practice this with the music at home.


4/30/15 Update to 4/27 handout - Important music changes to #1 and #17 fairy choruses:

We are going to need additional voices for the solo fairy lines in order for those parts to be heard in the rather dead acoustic of Henrico Theater. Please review these parts to sing tomorrow (5/1.) Our soloists are doing a great job and this help on the music lines will take some of the pressure off so they can focus on the spoken lines and staging.

All sopranos sing with Celia in #1 Letter C (p. 15-16) and on the 2nd verse of #17 (p. 155-156.) 

All altos sing with Leila in #1 Letter E (p. 17-18) and on the 1st verse #17 (pages 155-156.)

Act I Finale pages 128-129 - All fairies will sing the parts marked Recit. for Celia and Leila. Follow Elizabeth Levit and use good breath support, trumpet bell mouth, and well-articulated consonants. Remember you are really angry with the lords, so put some fire into it!


All Lords and Fairies! http://www.grcchoir.org/practice-notes/

See GRCC website home practice instructions for additional music notes.


Handout 4/27/15


As the show approaches we have some important reminders and costume updates for you.


1. Costume fittings will be Saturday, May 2nd during rehearsal. Please bring all of the relevant costume pieces listed below.



1. Colorful leggings

-Any bright color is acceptable but please no dark colors

-Note: these should be leggings not tights

-Suggestions: Forever 21, H&M, Target, etc.

            2. Dance shoes, isotone slippers, or socks with grips on the bottom (bright colors preferred)

            3. White/ neutral tone tank top to wear under costume


            Aidan and Sam B.:

            1. Plain white t-shirt

            2. Dance shoes, isotone slippers, or socks with grips on the bottom (bright colors preferred)



            1. Black pants

            2. Black shoes and socks

            3. White undershirt to wear under costume


2. We need dress shirt sizes for all lords ASAP.


3. We still need a few props for the show. If you have any of the following items, please bring them in at your earliest convenience.


            1. Monopoly or Game of Life board game

2. Icicles

3. Giant coins

4. Four leaf clover

5. Flags: France, Greece, and a generic white flag


4. Each member of the cast will receive 2 complimentary tickets; they will be at will call under YOUR name. When the guests arrive they should go to the ticket office and pick up their tickets.


5. Please invite your friends to the event on Facebook.  We do our best to get the word out about the show, but it is much more efficient when you invite your friends and family as well! 

Tickets can be purchased at the Capitol Opera Richmond website:



Iolanthe choruses see chorus part directory below.

The operetta has been divided into 5 sections for rehearsal purposes:

Part I - #1-5 pages 12-40

Part II - #6-12, pages 41-88

Part III - #13 Finale Act I, pages 89-143

Part IV - #14-19, pages 144-180

Part V - #20-25, pages 181-208


Iolanthe Chorus of Fairies parts - page numbers:

#1 Tripping hither.... 13-20

#2 Invocation... 23, 26-28

#3 Good morrow... 30

#4 Fare thee well 32-34

#13 Act I Finale 107-108, 110-116, 117-118, 120-125, 130-143

#15 Strephon's a Member... 148-149, 151-152

#16 When Britain really ruled... 154

#17 In vain... 156-157

#18 Oh, foolish fay 159-160

#24 It may not be 199-202 (Valkeries)

#25 Finale 206-208


Iolanthe Chorus of Peers (Lords) parts - page numbers:

#6 Loudly let the trumpet bray... 42-54

#7 The Law... 57, 59, 61

#8 My well-loved lord... 63, 64-65, 69-71

#9 Nay, tempt me not... 72

#10 Spurn not the nobly born 74, 76

#11 My Lords, it may not be 77, 79-84

#13 Act I Finale 90-92, 95, 97, 99, 100-101, 104-106, 109-110, 112-116, 120-125, 126, 128, 129, 130-143

#15 Strephon's a Member... 149-152

#16 When Britain really ruled... 154

#25 Finale 206-208


Iolanthe Combined chorus parts - page numbers:

#13 Act I Finale 104-143, #15 Strephon's 148-152

#16 When Britain 154, #25 Finale 206-208



Cavalieri Choir -

Continue to learn Britten "Death Be Not Proud."

Practice "Viva Tutti" in the key of G. Learn "Old Dan Tucker."


Cantare Choir

KNOW your part for ALL of Silent Silent Night!

KNOW your part for ALL of Scarborough Fair!


Pro Arte Choir

"Diu Diu Dang!" must be memorized!

Learn your part in "Banks of Doon."