Week of October 16, 2017


Practice instructions – 20 minutes per day

Remember that every folder should have a practice instruction sheet.  There are many ways to practice your music, even if you do not play the piano or have someone in your household that does.  You could count the rhythms, practice and memorize the text, etc.  If you do not have this instruction sheet, ask for one at the next rehearsal.


For the Beauty of the Earth –  Memorize – there will be memory tests next week.  Practice counting the end of each phrase.

Song of Thanksgiving – Work out solfege to end - Kamirra, Molly and Nora should learn upper notes at the end all others stay on the lower notes.  Memorize – there will be memory tests next week.  Practice counting the end of each phrase.

                Mattaponi Song of Gratitude - review

Thanksgiving Song (Purifoy)–  Look for where the melody switches lines: m. 14, m. 18, at m. 30 learn top notes, m. 53 melody on bottom, m. 55 melody moves to top, m. 65 learn top notes, m. 73 move to bottom, m. 76 top notes to end. 

Concert and Treble:

Heaven – memorize

How can I keep from singing –  Kamirra, Molly and Nora should finish learning part two on pp. 6&7.  When there are small notes, please learn those.  Memorize.

Lady of Liberty – mm. 5-18, mm. 47-end (bottom part), mm. 70 – end (stems down notes on top part.) Memorize.

                Hope for Resolution – study text for sections A&B – melody is the same as the beginning section.

Suggestion regarding memory work:  Much of the various texts have already been memorized through repetition in rehearsal.  It can be helpful for someone to read part of the text and have the chorister fill in missing words.  Make it a game!


Practice instructions

Pro Arte/Cavalieri

Service Music for October 29 – review – sopranos continue practicing descants.

Five Choral Motets (also for October 29)– please have Out of the Depths (particularly, the end) and Grant Peace completely memorized – know exact rhythmic durations, particularly at end of phrases. Memorize breath markings. Be certain each of you know/memorize the exact counting/rhythm at the end of both of these pieces.

Cavalieri should carefully work on the tuning of your part on Aus tiefer Not chorale (also for October 29). Practice German pronunciation. Memorize. Please work to memorize the Verleih und Frieden chant.

Hope for Resolution – keep working on your part on Thula Sizwe from rehearsal C to the end.

Cavalieri please arrive at 6:00 if possible on the 23rd to work on Aus tiefer Not. Thanks!