Week of November 27, 2017

Pro Arte/Cavalieri

Continue working on:

We wish you a Joyful Holiday. Memorize.

Winter Solstice, Mvt. II – Pro Arte – Please have this completely learned and memorized by next week.  Pay special attention to counting at the end of phrases and Dynamics.

’Twas in the Moon of Wintertime.  Memorize

He Came Down That We May Have Love – memorize

Festival of Holidays Sing-along music.

Review:  Lady of Liberty, Freedom is Coming and sing-along music.  Sopranos, work on Joy to the World descant.


Concert and Advanced Treble Choristers (Renna and Sadie):


Hanukkah Nagilah: Practice rhythm – especially the difference between quarter and half rests.  Memorize.  Part two (bottom part for whole piece):  Nishorgo, Renna, Sadie, Molly, Kamirra

Part one (top part for whole piece):  Shantoya, Katie, Keziah, Marquita, Maria and Nora


Choristers were supposed to be working on this the last several weeks with the above recording, which was supplied at least two weeks ago.  Please remember the responsibility to learn music at home.

After the above:

How can I keep from singing –  Kamirra, Molly and Nora should keep working on part two on pp. 6&7 – practice opening your mouth more to let your beautiful voices out!  Review where to breathe and not breathe.  Remember to watch the conductor.

Lady of Liberty – mm. 5-18, mm. 47-end (bottom part), mm. 70 – end (stems down notes on top part.) Memorize.

‘Twas in the Moon of Wintertime – memorize refrain

Review sing-along music.