Week of September 11, 2017

Welcome and welcome back everyone!

Practice instructions for Concert/Treble


For the Beauty of the Earth – practice through measure 19 in solfege

Song of Thanksgiving – practice through m. 22 in solfege


Heaven – memorize

Concert and Treble:

                How can I keep from singing – practice solfege through bottom of p. 5

                Lady of Liberty – memorize

                Hope for Resolution – practice mm. 10-29 in solfege


Pro Arte/Cavalieri

Section changes:  Sharita will be permanently in the soprano section.  Matilde will be permanently in the alto/voice 2 section.  Please learn new parts by Monday.

Service Music for October 29 – review – sopranos learn descants in solfege.

Five Choral Motets – please have Out of the Depths and Grant Peace memorized by Monday.

Freedom is Coming – please review and memorize the order in which the sections will be sung and the corresponding dynamics:

First Section – twice – first time sopranos, second time all - forte

                Second Section – twice - forte

                Third Section – twice - mp

                Second Section – twice - p

                First Section – twice - f

Last Section – twice – first time mf, second time crescendo ending with fermatas on final three chords.

Hope for Resolution – learn parts in solfege for section C.

Review and begin memorizing – The Storm is Passing Over and God of Still Waiting