Week of January 15, 2018

Additional note to all choirs: Please make every effort to arrive on time for rehearsals and performances. The directors begin rehearsing at the start time and it is distracting when students come in late. The students are also missing important instructions if they don't arrive in time for the start of the rehearsal. Thank you!


Practice instructions – at least 20 minutes per day


               Heaven – work on solfege, memorize text.


For the Beauty of the Earth – Practice counting the end of each phrase.  Pay particular attention to the rhythm and ending note for mm. 15-19 (ends on ‘mi’) and mm.33-36 (ends on ‘do’).  Practice small crescendos on longer note values.  Practice breathing only where there is a rest in the music, nowhere else.  Memorize.

Song of Thanksgiving – review and check memory.  Wills and Matilde, work with solfege to learn this.  D is ‘do’.  The middle section is in F – F is ‘do’.

How can I keep from singing – If there isn’t a comma in the text, please do not breathe.  Also, work to not breathe in the middle of words (this goes for all or our music).  Kamirra, Molly, Matilde and Nora should carefully learn/ review part two on pp. 6&7.  When there are small notes, please learn those.  Review memory work.

Hope for Resolution – memorize text for mm. 10-29 and sections A and B.  At rehearsal E and F, study how the rhythm of the melody is different from rehearsal A and B.  Practice holding the last note of each phrase its full value.  Memorize.

Lady of Liberty – review mm. 5-29 and mm. 47-end.  Check memory.

Pro Arte/Cavalieri

Winter Solstice, Mvt. II – Pro Arte – Review

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor – Cavalieri - learn

Hope for Resolution – Review second ending, p.11.  Continue working on being exact on the various dotted rhythms.

Aus tiefer Not – Cavalieri – work on singing your part in tune.

Verleih uns Frieden – Cavalieri – review pronunciations

Out of the Depths and Grant Peace – Cantare - review

Mass for Three Voices:  work on Kyrie, Gloria and Sanctus/Benedictus.  Solfege and text.  Practice counting the inner rhythms while working on your part.  Review pronunciations with the guide that was handed out Monday evening. And refer to translations here: http://www.kitbraz.com/tchr/hist/med/mass_ordinary_text.html

Continue reviewing:  God of Still Waiting, Freedom is Coming, The Storm is Passing, Draw the Circle, Lady of Liberty