Week of January 29, 2018

All choirs- Please review your parts for musical details and for memorization for the following program. Remember Monday and Tuesday's rehearsals this week are mandatory in preparation for the concert. (And Concert Choir please remember you will also be attending Monday night's rehearsal staying from 6:20-7:15.) Thank you!

Note to Cantare to please spend extra time on the Mass, especially sopranos. 

February 11, 2018 Greater Richmond Children’s Choir Concert at Bon Air Presbyterian Church


How Can I Keep from Singing?                              Quaker Song, arr. Ginger Littleton

For the Beauty of the Earth                                                                          Kenton Coe

Song of Thanksgiving                                                                            Malcolm Archer

Concert Choir

Heaven                                                    Poem: Langston Hughes, Music: Pete Curry

Treble Choir

Winter Solstice, 2. “These nights pass slowly”                                                               Paul Carey

Pro Arte Choir

God of Still Waiting                                                                                                     Alfred V. Fedak

Mass for Three Voices                                                                                                           William Byrd



Five Choral Motets                                                                                                                                Carl Shalk

     “From depths of woe I cry to Thee”

     “Grant peace, we, pray, in mercy, Lord” 

Freedom is Coming                                             South African Song, arr. Henry Leck

The Storm is Passing Over                                    Charles A. Tindley, arr. Barbara Baker

(Sharita Shamin and Katherine Pierre-Louis, soloists)

Draw the Circle Wide                                                                                 Mark A. Miller

(Erica Axtell and Owen Peck, soloists)

Cantare Choir

Give me Your Tired, Your Poor (from the stage production Miss Liberty      I. Berlin

(Shaandro Sarkar, soloist)

Cavalieri Choir

Hope for Resolution (A Song for Mandela and de Klerk)arr. P. Caldwell & S. Ivory

(Tiffany Cook, djembe; Donovan Williams, violin)

Cantare and Concert Choirs

Lady of Liberty                                                                                           Nancy Gifford

All Choirs

America the Beautiful                                              Materna, Samuel Augustus Ward