Week of April 23, 2018


See handout and email for details of Sat. April 28 Library concert and Tuesday May 1 Sitter & Barfoot concert

Practice instructions – at least 20 minutes per day


Learn: It’s in My Desk – This needs to be completely memorized by Saturday.

Review: Heaven, Lady of Liberty with middle sections, Love is Little, How Can I Keep From Singing?, America the Beautiful. Check memory work.


Sakura – Finish memorizing. Work hard on holding your own part in tune.

(Soprano 1 – Caetie, Maria and Shantoya; Soprano 2 – Wills, Marquita and Nishorgo; Alto 1 – Kamirra and Molly, Alto 2 – Matilde, Keziah and Nora)

May God be Merciful – Finish memorizing. Be sure you can hold your own part!

(Voice 1 – Molly, Matilde, Nora; Voice 2 – Kamirra, Keziah, Marquita and Maria; Voice 3 – Wills, Nishorgo, Shantoya and Caetie).

The Old Carrion Crow – Finish memorizing. Be sure your part is accurately learned.

(Part 1 – Caetie, Shantoya, Wills, Nishorgo, Maria and Marquita; Part 2 – Molly, Nora, Kamirra, Matilde, Keziah)

Lady of Liberty – Wills, Shantoya, Nishorge and Caetie need to have the bottom part learned for mm. 70 – end. Be sure the text for the entire piece is memorized, including the middle sections.

Review: Lady of Liberty with middle sections, How Can I Keep From Singing?, and America the Beautiful

Pro Arte/Cavalieri

Please see handout and email for details of Sunday April 29 Westminster Canterbury handout

Mass for Three Voices: Please finish learning notes and rhythms for the Sanctus and Agnus Dei by practicing in the following ways: Practice counting while singing your part, singing on solfege syllables for tuning, and singing with the text while carefully thinking about rhythm. Pay special attention to memorizing the counting on rests and longer note values. Sopranos and Altos need to secure starting pitches of phrases throughout the Sanctus-Benedictus and Agnus Dei. Altos, carefully review the Agnus Dei, pick up to mm. 39 – end. Finish memorizing the Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus and Agnus Dei.

Remember to use the recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Am1PQ0p39w

Remember to give slight crescendos on longer note values. Also, remember to lift on dots and repeated notes.

Simple Song – Finish memorizing

Gloria Tibi - Finish memorizing.

Cavalieri – Finish memorizing Laudate Dominum.

Pro Arte – Continue working on Vocalise. We will not sing this on the next concert.

Draw the Circle Wide – Shaandro, please be ready to sing Owen’s solos.