Week of September 10, 2018

Treble Choir notes:

Part 1 - Caleb, Star, Lydia, Chris

Part 2 - Evan, Othniel, Zari

O Music - Sing through entire melody on your own. 

Traveller's Tale - Sing through the song and remember - walk lightly through the mines! Practice speaking and singing all of the words so that they come out easier. Also, when you are practicing your song, practice your diction and singing your words clearly so everyone can understand what your singing. 

Good Night - Practice measures 29-36 for YOUR PART! Think about the clapping exercise we did so that you can sing it in tempo (especially if you are a part 1). Also, practice the rest of the song. 

Do - Re - Mi - Practice middle sections (Sol - Do - La - Fa) in your part, and maintaining your "head voice", make sure you don't sing it with your chest voice throughout the whole song. Sing all the way from the beginning to when that section ends.

America the Beautiful - Speak through the text and practice the entire song on the melody

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Concert Choir Practice Instructions

Folk Songs of the Four Seasons:

To the Ploughboy (p. 2) – G is ‘Do.’ Learn section B on solfege. You will sing the “all voices” part throughout this piece. Practice the melody with all of the stanzas to become familiar with how the text fits with the melody.

An Acre of Land (p. 55) – F is ‘Do.’ Learn mm. 3-12 on solfege. This is a unison piece. Work on text and rhythm for every stanza.

John Barleycorn (p. 41) - B-blat is ‘Do.’ Learn full chorus part at section B. Find where this part reoccurs during this piece.


Learn through m. 46. We will divide into parts next week. D is ‘Do.’

Sing You Now:

Learn entire piece in solfege. A is ‘Do.’ Part 1: Marquita, Wills and Keziah. Part 2: Maria, Chadwick and Cornelia.

Hine Ma Tov: Learn solfege through m. 35. F is ‘Do.’

Look below for All Choirs information.

Pro Arte Practice Instructions

Folk Songs of the Four Seasons:

To the Ploughboy (p. 2) and An Acre of Land (p. 55) – review, paying close attention to text and associated rhythms.

John Barleycorn (p. 41) – relearn. B-flat is ‘Do’

The Green Meadow (p. 38) – Learn melody on solfege up to rehearsal letter W. C is ‘Do.’

Messe Basse:

Review Sanctus and Benedictus

Learn Kyrie – A-flat is ‘Do.’ Be sure to learn your assigned part at the end. Lily and Molly learn the middle note of the final two chords.

Simple Gifts:

Review. Molly and Lily sing the Soprano II notes at the bottom of p. 2

I Believe in the Sun:

Review. Be certain to correctly learn pitches on solfege from mm. 43 to the end.

Da Pacem:

Review you part through m. 12. Learn your part through m. 19.

S I: Dominique and Matilde

S II: Molly and Lily

AI: Kamirra and Lauren

AII: Siara and Katherine

All Choirs:

This is a link to Major scales written out for each key.  In each instance, ‘Do’ aligns with the first note.  This could be helpful to our choristers who are still learning the relationship of solfege syllables to the various keys.