Week of February 11, 2019

Pro Arte Practice Instructions

Study and memorize Shabbat Service music.

Folk Songs of the Four Seasons:

Keep learning the following:

The entire Spring Section as it was introduced at rehearsal on 2/11.

The Sheep Shearing (p.35)

In Bethlehem City (p.70) - Part division for In Bethlehem City: Soprano I – Dominique, Molly and Matilde; Soprano II – Kamirra, Lilly and Jasmine; Alto – Lauren, Siara and Katherine. Be able to sing accurately unaccompanied.

The Cuckoo p. 24 through 27. For the four part round we will use the same part assignment that we use on Da Pacem. Please also learn the melody on page 29. Continue learning the solfege for your part of the Semi-chorus on pp. 29&30. Soprano: Dominique, Matilde, Molly and Lilly Alto: Katherine, Siara, Lauren, Jasmine and Kamirra

Carefully review the following:

Winter Section: Carefully study text for these. Try to memorize phrase by phrase. We need to have our eyes up and out of the music.

p. 59 – Sopranos, please review descants. Everyone needs to review the ending.

p. 65 – review entire piece, especially descants. Practice descants on solfege and counting. Work on bringing them accurately up to tempo.

p. 77 – Finish accurately learning melody. Sopranos, be sure to study the short descant at the end of the piece.

Autumn Section: Review p. 41 and p. 55 at least once per week.

Other selections to review: Prologue, p. 31 and p. 38

New pieces for March Concert:

Shenandoah, At the River and Wade in the River Jordan. Learn these as introduced on 2/11.

We will also sing I Believe in the Sun, Simple Gifts and Da Pacem.