Week of March 11, 2019

Links for the Ralph Vaughn Williams Folk Songs for Concert and Pro Arte:

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz-cdCcWphw

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9Li3jTfvkw

Concert Choir Practice Instructions

Music for the March 24th concert:

At the River – Sing top part from the beginning through p. 4, second line (system).  Last measure of p. 4, move to bottom part.  Second system, move back up to top line until the end of the piece.  Memorize.

Wade in the River Jordan.  Accurately learn your part and begin memorizing. Concert Choir does not sing the first page.  At measure 8, learn bottom line.  Page 3, you do not sing until the last two measures.  There you sing the top part through the top of page 5.  Mm. 56 – 70 sing top part.  You don’t sing mm. 73-81.  Mm. 82 end, sing top part.  Memorize. Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj-JFcVSCVs

Folk Songs of the Four Seasons: 

Even though we will use the music for these, please work on memorizing.   Faces need to be up and out of the music.  Drill texts in rhythm.

Spring section: Early in Spring – Concert Choir sings Soprano I part through the top of page 8.  Second system of p. 8, sing soprano II part.  Page 9 – don’t sing until last note pickup to page 10 where you sing Soprano I part through the second “pray grant me your name, sir”  Pick-up to page 11, sing soprano II part to the end.  The Lark in Morning – Sing soprano beginning on page 13.  At rehearsal H, sing alto line. At the pick-up to rehearsal K, go back to soprano line.  May Song – Sing full chorus parts, beginning on p. 19.

Summer section: Summer is a -coming in and The Cuckoo – Full chorus parts.  Review previously learned pieces in the section.  You do not sing The Sheep Shearing

              Carefully review the following:

Winter Section:    We need to have our eyes up and out of the music.

p. 59

p. 65


Autumn Section:  Review p. 41 and p. 55 at least once per week.


Pro Arte Practice Instructions

(*See the practice commitment and instructions below in the March 4th instructions.  Please be sure to read and use instruction as a guide.  We want the  March 24th concert to be fantastic!)

New pieces for March Concert:

Shenandoah, At the River and Wade in the River Jordan.  Accurately learn your part and memorize.  We have had this music for several weeks.  All of it should be further along by now.

Wade in the River Jordan – this piece needs careful attention!   Learn you part!  Most of this isn’t too difficult, since it consists of partner songs – combining melodies together.  Practice correctly singing your starting note for each section.    Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj-JFcVSCVs

Shenandoah mm. 21-31 – Molly sings all soprano I parts (stems up) where the part divides.  The rest of the sopranos sing the lower note. mm.32 – end, Molly on top soprano part, Dominique and Matilde on lower soprano part.  Lillian sings part 2 with Kamirra and Sadie.  Practice tricky ending on counting.

At the River- the notes for this simply are not that difficult.  Please apply yourself and learn them.

The concert will also include I Believe in the Sun, Simple Gifts and Da Pacem.  Please review!

Folk Songs of the Four Seasons: 

Keep learning the following:

Spring Section:  Early in the Spring – this movement needs the most work!  Be able to accurately sing your part independently, unaccompanied.  Lark in Morning – rehearsal E: Sop. 1 on Soprano line, Sop. 2 join altos on alto line. Rehearsal H – all sopranos on soprano line to the end of piece.  May Song – all sopranos learn descants.

Summer Section:  The Cuckoo p. 24 through 27.  For the four part round we will use the same part assignment that we use on Da Pacem.  Please also accurately learn the melody on page 28.  Continue learning the solfege for your part of the Semi-chorus on pp. 29&30.  Soprano:  Dominique, Matilde, Molly and Lilly.  Alto:  Katherine, Siara, Lauren, Sadie, Kamirra

The Sheep Shearing (p.35) – Be able to sing your part accurately unaccompanied.       

Winter Section:  In Bethlehem City (p.70)  - Part division for In Bethlehem City:  Soprano I – Dominique, Molly and Matilde; Soprano II – Kamirra, Lilly and Sadie; Alto – Lauren, Siara and Katherine.  Be able to sing accurately unaccompanied. 

              Carefully review the following::

Winter Section:  Carefully study text for these.  Try to memorize phrase by phrase.  We need to have our eyes up and out of the music.

p. 59 – Sopranos, please review descants.  Everyone needs to review the ending.

p. 65 – review entire piece, especially descants.   Practice descants on solfege and counting.  Work on bringing them accurately up to tempo.

p. 77 – Finish accurately learning melody.  Sopranos, be sure to study the short descant at the end of the piece.

Autumn Section:  Review p. 41 and p. 55 at least once per week.

Other selections to review:Prologue, p. 31 and p. 38