Week of September 16, 2019

Treble and Concert:

Mayan Song of Praise – review and memorize in all languages

Come, Worship the Lord – review and memorize entire piece. Pay close attention to rhythm at end of phrases.

Tutu Maramba – review Portuguese lanquage through the bottom of page 4. The last measure of page 4 through the end of page 6 is in English. Page 7 is sung in Portuguese. Practice speaking the text in rhythm, then on pitches. Part 2 singers need to review their notes on solfege. Part 1: Emily, Star, Lydia, Caleb, Zari, Trinity, Erionna; Part 2: Maria, Keziah, Chris and Evan.

Concert only:

For the Beauty of the Earth – Review stanzas 1, 2 and 5 on solfege syllables. Notice how the pitches for stanza 5 are different at the end. Memorize text for these stanzas, being careful to also memorize where to breathe and not breathe.

Sing Joyfully to God – mm.4-14 and mm. 30-end – review notes and rhythm on solfege syllables. Memorize both stanzas in this section.

Pro Arte/Cavalieri

These instructions include the slightly different part assignments. Be sure to mark your score accordingly.

Samba Mass – Review Kyrie with solfege, then text. Sanctus – review entire movement on solfege and text. Work out solfege (A is ‘do’) for your part through mm. 22. Benedictus – all parts should learn solfege for mm. 5-12 (C is ‘do’). Part division is: S1 – Molly, Marquita, Grace, Renna and Othniel; S2 – Matilde, Lilly, Mehr and Mikhail; S3 – Kamirra, Sadie, Siara, Lauren and Chadwick.

Will There Really Be a “Morning”? – Review solfege and rhythm for the entire piece. G-flat is ‘do’. Part division is: S1 – Molly, Matilde, Grace, Marquita, Othniel, Renna, Mikhail; S2 – Lauren, Kamirra, Sadie, Siara, Chadwick, Mehr, Lilly. Chadwick and Mikhail sing one octave down.

Caritas Abundat – Work out solfege through p. 5. C is ‘do’. Part division on this piece is: 1 – Lauren, Siara, Sadie and Kamirra; 2– Chadwick, Grace, Marquita, Renna, and Molly; 3 – Othniel, Matilde, Mikhail, Lillian, and Mehr