Week of September 23, 2019

Practice instructions

Pro Arte/Cavalieri

These instructions include the slightly different part assignments. Be sure to mark your score accordingly.

Samba Mass – Review Kyrie with solfege, then text. Sanctus – review entire movement on solfege and text. Benedictus – all parts should review solfege for mm. 5-12 (C is ‘do’). Also, work out pitches on solfege for the entire movement. When practicing the Mass movements, pay careful attention to rhythms. Write in counting, where helpful. Sing pitches while counting, as we did in rehearsal.

Part division is: S1 – Molly, Marquita, Grace, Renna and Othniel; S2 – Matilde, Lilly, Mehr and Mikhail; S3 – Kamirra, Sadie, Siara, Lauren and Chadwick.

Will There Really Be a “Morning”? – Review solfege and rhythm for the entire piece. G-flat is ‘do’. Part division is: S1 – Molly, Matilde, Grace, Marquita, Othniel, Renna, Mikhail; S2 – Lauren, Kamirra, Sadie, Siara, Chadwick, Mehr, Lilly. Chadwick and Mikhail sing one octave down.

Caritas Abundat – Work out solfege through p. 5. C is ‘do’. Part division on this piece is: 1 – Lauren, Siara, Sadie and Kamirra; 2– Chadwick, Grace, Marquita, Renna, and Molly; 3 – Othniel, Matilde, Mikhail, Lillian, and Meh