Week of October 7, 2019

Treble and Concert:

Mayan Song of Praise – review and memorize in all languages

Come, Worship the Lord – review and memorize entire piece. Pay close attention to rhythm at end of phrases.

Tutu Maramba – review Portuguese language through the bottom of page 4. The last measure of page 4 through the end of page 6 is in English. Practice speaking the text in rhythm, then on pitches. Part 2 singers need to review their notes on solfege. Part 1: Emily, Star, Lydia, Caleb, Zari, Trinity, Erionna; Part 2: Maria, Keziah, Chris and Evan. Begin memorizing

Carol of the Light – Treble choir sings mm. 4-12. Concert and Treble – review entire piece. E-flat is Do.

Concert only:

For the Beauty of the Earth – Memorize entire piece. Be certain to memorize where to breathe and not breathe.

Sing Joyfully to God – review and memoirize entire piece.

Will There Really Be a “Morning?” – Part two is unison with part 1 on page 3 and mm. 65 – end. Continue learning your own part and memorize.

Pro Arte/Cavalieri

Please pay attention to part assignments. Be sure to mark your score accordingly.

Samba Mass – Review Kyrie, Sanctus and Benedictus. C is Do for the Kyrie and Benedictus. A is Do for the Sanctus. Be curtained your part is securely learned for these three movements by Tuesday. Continue working on Agnus Dei, mm. 9-44 – C is Do. Pay careful attention to rhythms. Write in counting, where helpful. It is always helpful to practice saying the text in rhythm. Also practice singing pitches while counting, as we did in rehearsal.

Part division is: S1 – Molly, Marquita, Grace, Renna and Othniel; S2 – Matilde, Lilly, Mehr and Mikhail; S3 – Kamirra, Sadie, Siara, Lauren and Chadwick.

Will There Really Be a “Morning”? –Secure pitches and rhythms. Memorize. Mm.31-45 will be assigned to soloists. We will hear the following singers for the next rehearsal: Grace, Matilde, Lauren, Siara, Chadwick and Mikhail. Part division is: S1 – Molly, Matilde, Grace, Marquita, Othniel, Renna, Mikhail; S2 – Lauren, Kamirra, Sadie, Siara, Chadwick, Mehr, Lilly. Chadwick and Mikhail sing one octave down.

Caritas Abundat – review what has been learned in rehearsal through p. 5. Work out solfege through the end of the piece. Part division on this piece is: 1 – Lauren, Siara, Sadie and Kamirra; 2– Chadwick, Grace, Marquita, Renna, and Molly; 3 – Othniel, Matilde, Mikhail, Lillian, and Mehr

Review Carol of the Light and Tutu Maramba