Week of June 1, 2015



The rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday June 1 and 2 went well at Holy Comforter Episcopal Church where we will have our concert on Sunday. The church has a lovely live acoustic. Make sure you sing with trumpet-bell mouths and GOOD DICTION so that our audience can understand clear consonants carried by beautiful vowels.


Treble Choir

Practice singing your songs at home in front of your parents standing tall with hands by your side and focused on the music.

How Can I Keep from Singing - You all sang this one-on-a-part on Tuesday. Secure any spots where you were tempted to fall into singing the other part. Make sure you know your words for each verse.

A Hymn of Glory - Continue to review words. Sing beautiful phrases. Enunciate words.

Two Tigers and Sing a Song  - Watch Mr. Pete to keep a steady beat and hold on to your part in these pieces with tricky rhythms. Both of these songs are lively and fun. Show that in your voice and your face and body. Enjoy!


Practice your part in Siyahamba:

top: Zach, Grace, Lila, Mia-Lynn

middle: James, Faith, Wesley, Tani-Marie

bottom: Matthew, Arelis, Brock, Maria


Concert Choir

The Dove and the Maple Tree - You all sang this one-on-a-part on Monday. Secure any spots where you were tempted to fall into singing the other part. Observe breath marks and dynamics. Sing with beautiful tone, phrasing and diction. Watch Ms. Hope for cut-offs and tempo changes.

For Good - Articulate your consonants clearly and sing vowels with beautiful open tone. Review where to breathe and practice carrying over long phrases. Know where the rhythms and notes are slightly different from one verse to another. Watch for tempo changes. Kennedy, William and Lauren sing solo part at measure 60 with open mouths and good breath support. Alto part: Grace, Kelly, William, Clara, Maddie, Chip, Lea, Elisabeth, Cameron, Kennedy

Britten's Begone Dull Care, A Tragic Story, Fishing Song, Jazz-Man - Continue to review words. Sing beautiful phrases. Enunciate words. Watch Ms. Crystal.

Practice your part in Siyahamba:

top: Abbie, Peter, Treva, Anya, Ale, Lillian, Kamirra

middle: Jack, Lauren, Leo, Kennedy, Elizabeth, Clara, Lea

bottom: William, Kelly, Chip, Cameron, Maddie, Grace


Cavalieri Choir - Memorize carefully.

Death Be Not Proud - Secure rhythms and words. Practice where to breathe in long phrases. Open your mouths, sing with good breath support and enunciate! Watch Mr. Pete carefully to stay together with the piano.

Viva Tutti in the key of G - Sing with a blended, energetic sound. Watch! Enjoy!

Old Dan Tucker - Secure words, rhythms and clapping. Yee-Haw! Have fun!


Pro Arte Choir - Memorize carefully.

Banks of Doon - Review your parts for accurate harmony. Know where you are supposed to breathe and where you are not supposed to breathe and sing with beautiful phrases! Enunciate.

Jyoti, your cello part was beautiful on Monday. Keep practicing so it is beautiful Sunday.

Diu Diu Dang! - This piece is still in danger of a having a train wreck. You must practice your intervals and know on which beat the patterns change. No sheet music this time! It is a great piece and lots of fun when you know what you are doing. Study your part, and know what you are doing, so we can ALL have fun with it!


Cantare Choir   

Memorize Silent Silent Night, but we will use the sheet music, so also practice turning pages silently. This very live room is great, but it does eat up consonants. When we listened to the recording, it sounded like you were singing at the end, "Make it anything you chew," instead of "choose" so watch carefully for the cut off of the "s" but DO give us the "s". This song really isn't about eating.

Your noisy acting at the beginning of SSN helped get the message of the words across Monday. You can still do more.

From page 6 to the end, know your intervals and entrances and enunciate your words. Learn dynamics and practice breathing for long phrases. Watch Ms. Hope carefully at all times.

Tenors be secure in your pitch on measure 181. This seems to start on your break, so you need to practice finding the place in your voice that you can sing it accurately.

All voices, know your words in the section starting with the tenors at the bottom of page 13 so you can pass your three notes off to each other seamlessly and also enunciate the words clearly.

Review your part in Siyahamba - usual 3-part division in Pro Arte with Soprano on top, Middle on middle and Alto on bottom. Cavalieri divide into same 3 parts as for Viva Tutti.


Let's all do our best to make this a great concert to end an excellent year!