Week of February 29, 2016

March 2, 2016 - Home practice notes for the rest of the week:
We had good rehearsals this week and moments in all choirs that sounded confident and beautiful. Keep practicing 20 to 30 minutes every day this week to memorize the words, particularly the beginning of each phrase, so that we all enter securely. You will be glad for your efforts on Sunday, and probably even happier 30 years from now when you still remember this magnificent music.
Parents, please take time to have your chorister sing the music to you from memory at home. This is the best way for them to know they know it.

We very much appreciate this note from one of our parents yesterday:

[Our daughter] has been working very, very hard on the cantata.  Her school chorus teacher and former piano teacher are helping her.  I am also helping her practice at home using the youtube recording.  It is such a beautiful piece -- it gives me great pleasure to hear it, and as a mom, to know that my daughter has been exposed to it.  Thank you!

Thank you all for your efforts and excellent music-making! See you Sunday!