Week of September 12, 2016

Home practice and rehearsal preparation for Sept. 19-20

Please learn YOUR assigned part BEFORE you arrive at rehearsal.

Rehearsal time should be used to put the music together. Thanks!

Welcome to the 20th Anniversary Season of the Greater Richmond Children's Choir! If we all keep up on our home practice assignments found on this website, we will enjoy a successful season making great music! Thank you in advance for your best effort.


Concert Choir

Review your part on All Praise to God, Hashivenu, Kekeli, and I Hear America Singing


Cantare Choir   

Know your part for Kyrie, Mi Chamocha, O How Amiable, and Kekeli

Review your part in Hodie Christus natus est, O Magnum Mysterium


Cavalieri Choir -

Review Lina Avatara


Pro Arte Choir -

Review Adam Lay Ybounden


Treble Choir

Review Hello Songs