Week of September 26, 2016

Welcome to the 20th Anniversary Season of the Greater Richmond Children's Choir! A big part of the GRCC commitment is a minimum of 20 minutes daily home practice so that we can spend rehearsal time putting the parts together. Use your "Home Practice Instructions for Singers" given out with your music folder to help you organize your home practice time. Thanks!


Home practice and rehearsal preparation for Oct. 3-4

Concert Choir

Be able to sing your part on "All Praise to God" in solfege and with words.

Review your part on “I Hear America Singing” through page 7 this week. E-flat is “Do” so a reminder “d” “r” “m” etc. above the notes will help you read it in solfege. 

Part 1: Alexandra, Bailey, Matthew, Sophie, Kamirra

Part 2: Courtney, Esmé, Laila, Matilde, Siara

Review Hashivenu, and Kekeli


Cantare Performance: Sun. Oct. 23, 10:30 a.m. Worship Service, St. Michael's Episcopal Church, 8706 Quaker Ln. Bon Air, VA 23235 - Arrive 9:00 a.m.

Anthems to be sung from memory: Kekeli Me, Kyrie, Mi Chamocha, O How Amiable

Hymns and Service music distributed 9-26 except "We Walk with God" to be given 10-3:

Hymns: 688 A mighty fortress, 637 (with descant) How firm a foundation, 546 Awake, my soul

Service Music: Psalm 65 - choir singing 4-part harmony for verses

Sanctus & Benedictus, Memorial acclamation, fraction anthem from A Community Mass,

For the fruit of all creation


Cantare Choir

"O How Amiable" should be memorized now.

Memorize "Mi Chamocha" this week. Solidify first section notes and rhythms!

Peck Kyrie and Kekeli should also be memorized this week.

Learn your part (SATB) in Psalm 65 - antiphon and verses.

Review your part in Hodie Christus natus est, O Magnum Mysterium. Personet Hodie, and A Winter's Night

Look at solo parts in Pergolesi Magnificat and consider auditioning for one or two.

Learn your part in the first chorus of Magnificat.

Study "Choose Something Like a Star" this week and be prepared to sing it at rehearsal.


Cavalieri Choir -

Memorize Lina Avatara.


Pro Arte Choir -

Memorize Adam Lay Ybounden.


Treble Choir

"Hello Songs" should be memorized.

Know "Travellers' Tales" pages 3 and 4 in solfege and words.

Review "Peta kupa"