Week of November 26, 2018

Pro Arte Practice Instructions

Music for December 9th concert:

Be sure you are practicing with open and supported tone quality. Always think about a lifted soft palate to avoid a nasal tone quality.

O Music

Folk Songs of the Four Seasons:

*These will definitely be included in the program – be sure to study “road map” and become extremely comfortable with the text (work as though you were memorizing).

*p. 59 – review letters F through end of piece. Work out ending, letter R to the end.

*p. 65 – review entire piece, especially descants. Practice descants on solfege and counting. Work on bringing them accurately up to tempo.

p. 70 – Concert choir sings Soprano I, Pro Arte sopranos sing Soprano II. Work out solfege through the bottom of p. 74 (up to the fermata).

p. 78 – review through rehearsal letter E. work on text for the entire piece. Sopranos, learn descant at the end of the piece.

Da Pacem:

Review your part for this entire piece, especially entry notes at measure 9. Check the entire system beginning at measure 9 for note and tuning accuracy. Work especially on counting sustained notes. Memorize.

S I: Dominique and Matilde

S II: Molly and Lily

AI: Kamirra and Lauren

AII: Siara and Katherine

African Noel – finish memorizing

A New Year Carol – memorize

Not on the Dec. 9th concert:

Review Folk Songs we have already performed. Review Messe Basse.

Concert Choir Instructions

Jubilate! – check rhythm, especially half notes at the end of phrases. Practice C naturals in the beginning of the melody.

Hine Ma Tov - accurately learn the two-part sections by reviewing your part on solfege. Memorize. Make sure everyone keeps singing in head (floating) voice throughout this piece. Try to not over sing/force your sound.

O Music – be sure this is memorized accurately for next week.

Sing You Now – review. Study rhythms from m. 23 through m. 27.

Folk Songs of the Four Seasons:

Carefully study the texts in rhythm for both of the following pieces.

p. 59 – review soprano and alto parts through letter J. These parts repeat beginning at the bottom of page 63 through letter R. One measure after R everyone sings the bottom (alto) line. All Concert Choir members please learn the alto line (the melody) from letter K through letter N.

p. 65 – Review melody on solfege. When this piece divides into two parts, Concert Choir sings the bottom “Full Chorus” part.

African Noel – review your part on solfege syllables for the entire piece, paying careful attention to rhythm and rests. After that, practice with text. Study where the repeats occur in the music. Memorize.

A New Year Carol – review solfege. Practice text for entire piece. Memorize.

Please also listen to and practice with the following:

New Year Carol, Britten

Folk Songs page 58

Folk Songs page 65

African Noel