Week of February 19, 2018

Practice instructions

Practice instructions for this Sunday’s performance by Concert and Treble Choirs at Westover Hills United Methodist Church

Treble Choir:

Please review Heaven (don’t be shy about animal sounds!).  Memorize.

Practice How Can I Keep from Singing?  Be sure all the words are memorized.  Do not breathe, unless there is a rest or a comma.

Love is Little – review.  Memorize.

Review hymns.

Concert Choir:

Review and secure memory on Song of Thanksgiving.  At the end of the piece, those singing the bottom part should practice holding your own part in tune.

How Can I Keep from Singing?  Part 1, keep working to hold your own part at the end.  Be sure you have text memorized correctly, especially for the middle section.

Love is Little – review.  Memorize.

Review hymns.

Both choirs:  Work to keep your beautiful open and light tone, using a deep breath.  Never feel you need to force your voice.

Pro Arte/Cavalieri

Mass for Three Voices:

Please finish learning notes and rhythms for the Sanctus and Agnus Dei.   Practice counting while singing your part.  Remember to give slight crescendos on longer note values.  Also, remember to lift on dots and repeated notes.

Continue to review the Kyrie and Gloria.  Practice the same way that has been suggested above.

If this music is learned, we will begin on two new pieces – exerpts from Leonard Bernstein’s Mass.