Home practice preparation and concert logistics for Dec. 2-6 Let It Snow performances Concert Choir, Pro Arte Choir and Cavalieri Choir

Concert order and movement:

You will sing several times in the program interspersed with orchestra only pieces.

1st set after one orchestra piece:

Seasonal Sounds - all 3 choirs standing in the order we seated you Nov. 30 at the front of the stage. Use your scores (without a folder.) Have it mostly memorized so you can keep your head up and enjoy singing it. At the 11/30 rehearsal most people had their heads buried in their scores. You know what you need to do.

Cavalieri take Pro Arte scores off stage with them and put scores in a crate we will have for you while Kei talks. Concert Choir hold "Seasonal Sounds" scores by your side while you sing with Pro Arte......

Evening Prayer - from memory - 6 soloist step in front as we did 11/30 and sopranos and altos step apart so that no chorus members are hidden by the 6 soloists in the middle.

Concert Choir leave the stage and put "Seasonal Sounds" scores in the crate while Cavalieri move back on stage, and Pro Arte reconfigure in your normal 2 rows to sing....

We Wish You a Joyful Holiday - from memory - Lots of animation and joy!!!

Leave stage.

(6 pieces you are not involved in)

Pro Arte return to stage for....

Song of the Stars - from memory - We will rehearse it from memory as well on 12/2.

Concert Choir and Cavalieri Choir join Pro Arte Choir on stage for......

Spirit of the Season - from memory!

INTERMISSION - Go to warm-up room to retrieve your "Seasonal Sounds" and put it safely in your blue GRCC bag. Be sure your black folder is ready with yellow sing-along, Hallelujah Chorus and Merry Christmas (Home Alone) scores.

After intermission during first orchestral piece, GRCC goes around to the audience entrances to sing...

Somewhere in My Memory from the aisles from memory. Walk in the two back entrances when the orchestra begins "Somewhere...." and go down the two aisles of the orchestra section - sopranos and tenors on one side, altos and basses on the other - definitely smiling at people as they come and maybe shaking hands. The first singer in each line should be almost at the stage when you stop to sing from there facing the conductor on stage. Then when the next instrumental interlude happens, all turn around and the tenors and basses meet in the aisle behind the orchestra section sopranos and altos following and all line up behind the orchestra section of the audience to sing the last bit while holding hands. We will try this on 12/2.

(1 orchestra song)

Yes, Virginia - starring Wesley Buskey!

(2 more orchestra songs)

All choirs return to stage having picked up their black folders containing...

yellow sing-along, Hallelujah Chorus and Merry Christmas (Home Alone) scores.



CONCERT CHOIR - Your beautiful singing at the Thanksgiving Service November 24th at Grace & Holy Trinity Church was a great way to start the holiday. Special thanks to Psalm cantors Brock, Léa, and Wesley (who filled in at the last minute!) and to Colin and Austyn for your solo duet in Evening Prayer. The choir's good intonation and strong unison singing in Mattaponi Song of Gratitude set the tone of the service well. Thank you to Mrs. Crystal for her setting of Tallis' Canon, and to the choir for giving it a strong premiere performance!