Winter Break

THANK YOU to all the GRCC Choirs for the joyful music you presented in December at the Riverfront Plaza Grand Illumination, the Richmond Symphony "Let It Snow" concerts, and the Festival of Holidays at Brookdale Imperial Plaza Retirement Community. You impressed your audiences with your well-prepared and excellent performances and warmed our hearts with your exuberant and loving spirits both on stage and in rehearsals.


Enjoy the WCVE TV Holiday Special that concludes with GRCC singing "We Wish You a Joyful Holiday."


The president and publisher of the Richmond Times Dispatch, Tom Silvestri, filled the back page of the Sunday Dec. 20 Commentary section with his humorous and complimentary account of performing with us in the RSO "Let It Snow" concerts. Here is the link:


Home practice preparation for January performances

Cantare Choir - Westminster Canterbury Jan. 10

ALL GRCC CHOIRS - Winfree Baptist Church Jan. 31


Cavalieri Choir - Be prepared for Mandatory January 4th rehearsal

Sing from memory: Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern, Where're You Walk,

Lord Don't Move the Mountain

We Three Kings - soloists: Owen verse 2, Shaandro verse 3, Josh verse 4 - memorize

Looking ahead to January 31 concert - Learn "If I Got My Ticket"

Pro Arte Choir - Be prepared for Mandatory January 4th rehearsal

Sing from memory: Song of the Stars, Wade in the Water,

Evening Prayer - Nina & Dorcas soloists

Cantare Choir - Be prepared for Mandatory January 4th rehearsal

Sing with scores: Bach Cantata No. 111 - Coro 1. Duetto 4. and Choral 6.

Bass Aria 2. - Shaandro, Alto Recit 3. Jack, Soprano Recit 5. Clara

Sing from memory: Living in a Holy City,

Prayer of Desmond Tutu - Madeline R. speaker, Nyla soprano solo

Looking ahead to 1/31 concert - Learn "Non nobis", solidify Bach Cantata No. 80, Me Nyame Ye


Concert Choir - Be prepared for January 4th rehearsal

Learn your part over break with the goal to have it memorized by Jan. 11th rehearsal:

We're Walking in the Air - Sopranos: Colin, Sophie, Cameron, Faith, Noelle, Lillian, Kari

Altos (top notes when divided): Austyn, Lea, Nina, Kamirra, Xander

Altos (bottom notes when divided): Brock, Lauren, Kaylan, Wesley

Continue to solidify your part and have memorized these four pieces:

May God Be Merciful to Us - Know your part to the end. All sing 1st verse in unison.

Verses 2 & 3 these choristers sing Voice part 1: Faith, Kamirra, Nina, Noelle, Austyn

Verses 2 & 3 these choristers sing Voice part 2: Lauren, Wesley, Sophie, Lily, Léa, Kari

Verses 2 & 3 these choristers sing Voice part 3: Brock, Kaylan, Cameron, Colin, Xander

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, Evening Prayer,

Mattaponi Song of Gratitude - Learn first five unison lines only in solfege and with text

Learn Bach Cantata No. 80 and review Me Nyame Ye


Treble Choir - Be prepared for Jan. 5th rehearsal

Learn Bach Cantata No. 80 in German.

Ven Dura - in unison, memorize words - we will try this as a round and maybe add a dance

Review: Shalom Aléchem. He's Got the Whole World, Let Us All Sing! - Secure memory

Parade - Part 1: Mia, Maria, Part 2: Nevaeh, Tani, Matthew, Part 3: Marlena, Alena

Me Nyame Ye Soprano: Marlena, Mia, Maria, Nevaeh; Alto: Tani, Matthew, Alina