Week of November 13, 2017


Practice instructions – at least 20 minutes per day. Remember that every folder should have a practice instruction sheet.  There are many ways to practice your music, even if you do not play the piano or have someone in your household that does.  You could count the rhythms, practice and memorize the text, etc.  If you do not have this instruction sheet, ask for one at the next rehearsal.



Please have the following completely memorized by our performance next week (this was to have been done for the last rehearsal).  I have listed the music in the order of what needs most practice:

*Thanksgiving Song (Purifoy)–  Look for where the melody switches lines: m. 14, m. 18, at m. 30 learn top notes, m. 53 melody on bottom, m. 55 melody moves to top, m. 65 learn top notes, m. 73 move to bottom, m. 76 top notes to end.

*For the Beauty of the Earth – Practice counting the end of each phrase.

*Song of Thanksgiving - Kamirra, Molly and Nora should learn upper notes at the end all others stay on the lower notes.  Practice counting the end of each phrase.  Practice keeping to your own part on the last two pages.

 *Mattaponi Song of Gratitude

*These are to be performed on November 21st!

Review Thanksgiving service music that was handed out at the last rehearsal.

Molly and Nishorgo, be sure to practice the Psalm solo parts each day this week.

Concert and Treble (This music needs to be ready by December 10th):

How can I keep from singing –  Kamirra, Molly and Nora should finish learning part two on pp. 6&7.  When there are small notes, please learn those.  Memorize.

Lady of Liberty – mm. 5-18, mm. 47-end (bottom part), mm. 70 – end (stems down notes on top part.) Memorize.

Hope for Resolution – memorize text for sections A and B – melody is the same as the beginning section.  At rehearsal E and F, study how the rhythm of the melody is different from rehearsal A and B.

Hanukkuh Nagilah – work out solfege to end of piece.  Concert Choir, please learn part 1 (Hebrew text).  Treble choir continues on bottom part to the end.  Listen here:


Suggestion for adults regarding helping choristers with memory work:  It can be helpful for someone to read part of the text and have the chorister fill in missing words.  Also, have the chorister sing their music for you.  To the extent you read music, do your best to help with pitches and rhythm.


Pro Arte/Cavalieri

Continue working on:

Hope for Resolution– keep working on your part on Thula Sizwe from rehearsal C to the end.  Memory work on entire piece.

We wish you a Joyful Holiday. Memorize

African Noel (*Cavalieri) – Shaandro and Brock on part 1, Owen and Pete on part 2.  Memorize

                Katherine will need to learn part 1.  Please get music at next rehearsal.

Winter Solstice, Mvt. II – Pro Arte – Each of you will stay on the same part for this.  Work on memorizing.

’Twas in the Moon of Wintertime.  Memorize

Festival of Holidays Sing-along music.