Week of February 20, 2017

Home practice for February rehearsals in preparation for February and March performances

 Thank you to everyone for your good preparation for rehearsals on February 20 and 21! Let's keep it up!

Also thanks to Sharita for hosting an extra rehearsal on Saturday the 18th and to those Pro Arte members who attended: Nina, Meaghan, Samantha, Grace, Faith, and Lillian. It was clear at Monday's rehearsal that the extra rehearsal was very productive!

 CANTARE CHOIR PERFORMANCE Sun. Feb. 26 - 11:00 a.m. Worship Service, Grace & Holy Trinity, Repertoire: Prelude: Kekeli Tso, O Wondrous Type

In place of the sermon: Pergolesi Magnificat with strings - ENTIRE

At the offertory: Precious Lord

Communion: (Vocalise - HAE piano and Beth Almore, cello)

Hymns & service music: #460 Alleluia Sing to Jesus, #S280 Gloria, #S129 Sanctus, #129 Christ Upon the Mt. Peak, #380 v. 3 Doxology, #618 Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones

 Cantare Choir - Rehearsal preparation leading up to February 26 church service

Pergolesi Magnificat - Learn all parts in solfege and with text. Overall the rehearsal was good on Monday Feb. 20 and it looked like you were making notes of which parts needed more security. Please work on those parts. The last movement needed the most work.

Kekeli Tso, Precious Lord, O Wondrous Type - Review and keep in your memory. We would still be happy to audition a soloist for the ad lib part on the last verse.

We will use service music for warm-up reading exercises in rehearsals in February.

Cantare Choir - Rehearsal preparation leading up to March 19 performance

Cantare: Learn Cherokee Morning Song 2 min., Mattaponi Song of Gratitude 2 min.  

Review Kekeli Tso Kekeli Me 1:30 min., O wondrous type, Precious Lord, Take My Hand, Mi Chamocha, O How Amiable, Siyahamba, Abide with Me

Pro Arte: Bach Wie will ich mich freuen - Learn in solfege and in German. D is "DO."

Review Adam lay ybounden

Cavalieri: Review "Lina Avatara"

Looking ahead:  Learn Lassus Beatus vir in solfege (E is "DO") and in Latin


Sun. March 19, 4:00 p.m. Old St. John's Church Concert Series, 103 St. John's Church Lane, West Point, VA 23181 - Concert Choir  54 minutes of music - Repertoire to be taken from the following: (Revised Feb. 23)

Kekeli Tso Kekeli Me 1:30 min.                                                                     T. W. Kwami (1916-1987)

Cherokee Morning Song 2 min.

Mattaponi Song of Gratitude 2 min.

                                                                 All Choirs 6 min.

America the Beautiful 2 min.                                                                              Samuel Augustus Ward

                                                        Audience Sing-along 2 min.

All Praise to God Who Reigns Above 2 min                                                Melchior Vulpius, arr. Ludwig Lenel

Hashivenu 2:30 min                                                                                                      Israeli Folksong, arr. Doreen Rao

Et exultavit 2:30                                                                                                                        Vivaldi

The Singing of Birds (from The Song of Solomon) 2 min.                                                     Bob Chilcott

Gavotte, from Solfege Suite #2 3 min                                                                                                                   Ken Berg

                                                            Concert Choir 12 min.


Lína Avatárá 4min                                                                                        Indic Carol, arr. Gil Robbins (1931-2011)

                                                             Cavalieri Choir 4 min

Adam lay ybounden 2:30                                                                        Martha Jones Burford (b. 1964)

Wie will ich mich freuen 6min                                                          Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1759)

                                                             Pro Arte Choir 9 min

O wondrous type! 1:30                                                                Aeterne Rex altissime, plainsong, Mode 1, 14th c.

Precious Lord, Take My Hand, 3:30 text Joyce Merman          Thomas Dorsey (1899-1993) arr. Ringwald

Mi Chamocha 3:30                                                                                            Allan Blank (1925-2013)

Et misericordia from Magnificat 2 min.                                                                                    Pergolesi

                                       Samantha André, soprano & Meaghan Nuckols, alto

O How Amiable 3:30                                                                   Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)

                                                             Cantare Choir 14 min

Abide with Me 2:30                                                           Eventide, William Henry Monk (1823-1889)

                                                                                                  Descant, David Willcocks (1919-2015)

                                                         Audience sing-along 3 min.

Siyahamba 4 min.

                                                                 All Choirs 4 min.


Concert Choir Rehearsal preparation leading up to March 19 performance

Vivaldi Et exultavit - learn in solfege ("DO" is B-flat) and with text

Chilcott Two Singing Songs - learn in solfege #1 Sing You Now ("DO" is A) and #2. The Singing of Birds ("DO" is D) Part 1 - Siara, Laila, Matilde, Courtney; Part 2 - Alexandra, Kamirra, Matthew, Sophie, Erica

Cherokee Morning Song - learn in solfege ("DO" is F)

Mattaponi Song of Gratitude - learn in solfege ("DO" is C)

Keep in your memory "All Praise to God," "Hashivenu," "Gavotte,"and Kekeli.


TREBLE CHOIR PERFORMANCE: Proposed Repertoire for Sun. 3/26, 11:00 a.m. Worship Service, Westover Hills United Methodist Church, 1705 Westover Hills Blvd.

Hello Songs

Kekeli Tso, Kekeli Me

Simple Gifts

Anthem             Greater Richmond Children's Treble Choir

Amazing Grace, arr. Núñez/Erb

Offertory Anthem                         Greater Richmond Children’s Treble Choir

I Hear America Singing - André Thomas

Benediction                               Greater Richmond Children’s Treble Choir

Twenty-Third Psalm - An Interpretation, Frances Waterman

Plus hymns and service music

 Treble Choir - Rehearsal preparation leading up to March 26 church service

Practice 23rd Psalm in solfege and with words. F is "DO".

"Amazing Grace" We have made cuts to this arrangement: Sing in unison pages 4 through top of 6. At the end of measure 35 cut to measure 52 at the bottom of page 7 "When we've been there...." Stop at the bottom of page 8. 23rd Psalm and "Amazing Grace" to be learned for March performance.

Review I Hear America Singing, Hello Songs, and Kekeli. Sing from memory.