Week of January 30, 2017

Home practice for February rehearsals in preparation for February and March performances


Thank you to everyone for a beautiful and inspiring concert at Historic St. John's Church on January 27th!


CANTARE CHOIR PERFORMANCE Sun. Feb. 26 - 11:00 a.m. Worship Service, Grace & Holy Trinity, Repertoire: Prelude: Kekeli Tso, Precious Lord

At the offertory: Pergolesi Magnificat with strings - ENTIRE

Communion: O Wondrous Type, (Vocalise - HAE piano and Beth Almore, cello)

Hymns & service music: #460 Alleluia Sing to Jesus, #S28 Gloria, #S129 Sanctus, #129 Christ Upon the Mt. Peak,

#380 v. 3 Doxology, #618 Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones

 Note added 2/9/17 Cantare members can refer to this link in preparing for the Pergolesi Magnificat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECOP5WLfvJo

Cantare Choir - Rehearsal preparation leading up to February 26 church service

Pergolesi Magnificat - Learn all parts in solfege and with text.

Kekeli Tso, Precious Lord, O Wondrous Type - Review and keep in your memory. We would still be happy to audition a soloist for the ad lib part on the last verse.

We will use service music for warm-up reading exercises in rehearsals in February.


Cantare Choir - Rehearsal preparation leading up to March 19 performance

Cantare: Learn Cherokee Morning Song 2 min., Mattaponi Song of Gratitude 2 min.  

Review Hey, Hello, Bonjour, Guten Tag 1 min. , Let's Say Hello 4 min, Kekeli Tso Kekeli Me 1:30 min.

O wondrous type, Precious Lord, Take My Hand, Mi Chamocha, O How Amiable, Siyahamba, Abide with Me

Pro Arte: Bach Wie will ich mich freuen - Learn in solfege and in German. D is "DO."

Review Adam lay ybounden

Cavalieri: Review Magnificat Movement #4and "Lina Avatara"

Looking ahead:  Learn Lassus Beatus vir in solfege E is "DO" and in Latin


CONCERT CHOIR AND CANTARE CHOIR PERFORMANCE - Sun. March 19, 4:00 p.m. Old St. John's Church Concert Series, 103 St. John's Church Lane, West Point, VA 23181 63 minutes of music - Repertoire:

Hey, Hello, Bonjour, Guten Tag 1 min.                                                                        Jutta Gorschlüter

Let's Say Hello 4 min.                                                                                                      L. Maierhofer

Kekeli Tso Kekeli Me 1:30 min.                                                                     T. W. Kwami (1916-1987)

Cherokee Morning Song 2 min.

Mattaponi Song of Gratitude 2 min.

Siyahamba 4 min.

                                                                All Choirs 15 min.

All Praise to God Who Reigns Above 2 min                                                Melchior Vulpius, arr. Ludwig Lenel

Et exultavit 2:30                                                                                                                       Vivaldi

Hashivenu 2:30 min                                                                                                      Israeli Folksong, arr. Doreen Rao

Gavotte, from Solfege Suite #2 3 min                                                                                                                   Ken Berg

Two Singing Songs 2-4 min.                                                                                            Bob Chilcott

                                                            Concert Choir 14 min.

Adam lay ybounden 2:30                                                                        Martha Jones Burford (b. 1964)

Wie will ich mich freuen 6min                                                      Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1759)

Et misericordia from Magnificat 2 min.                                                                                    Pergolesi

                                       Samantha André, soprano & Meaghan Nuckols, alto

                                                            Pro Arte Choir 11 min


Suscepit Israel (He Hath Holpen Israel) from Magnificat 2 min.   Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (1710-1736)

Lína Avatárá 4min                                                                                        Indic Carol, arr. Gil Robbins (1931-2011)

                                                             Cavalieri Choir 6 min

O wondrous type! 1:30                                                                Aeterne Rex altissime, plainsong, Mode 1, 14th c.

Precious Lord, Take My Hand, 3:30 text Joyce Merman          Thomas Dorsey (1899-1993) arr. Ringwald

Mi Chamocha 3:30                                                                                            Allan Blank (1925-2013)

O How Amiable 3:30                                                                   Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)

                                                             Cantare Choir 12 min

America the Beautiful 2 min.                                                                              Samuel Augustus Ward

Abide with Me 2:30                                                           Eventide, William Henry Monk (1823-1889)

                                                                                                  Descant, David Willcocks (1919-2015)

                                                         Audience sing-along 5 min.


Concert Choir Rehearsal preparation leading up to March 19 performance

Vivaldi Et exultavit - learn in solfege ("DO" is B-flat) and with text

Chilcott Two Singing Songs - learn in solfege #1 Sing You Now ("DO" is A) and #2. The Singing of Birds ("DO" is D) Part 1 - Siara, Laila, Matilde, Courtney; Part 2 - Alexandra, Kamirra, Matthew, Sophie, Erica

Cherokee Morning Song - learn in solfege ("DO" is F)

Mattaponi Song of Gratitude - learn in solfege ("DO" is C)

Keep in your memory "All Praise to God," "Hashivenu," "I Hear America Singing," "Gavotte," Hello Songs, Peta kupa, and Kekeli.



TREBLE CHOIR PERFORMANCE: Proposed Repertoire for Sun. 3/26, 11:00 a.m. Worship Service, Westover Hills United Methodist Church, 1705 Westover Hills Blvd.

Hello Songs

Kekeli Tso, Kekeli Me

Simple Gifts

Anthem             Greater Richmond Children's Treble Choir

Amazing Grace, arr. Núñez/Erb

Offertory Anthem                         Greater Richmond Children’s Treble Choir

I Hear America Singing - André Thomas

Benediction                               Greater Richmond Children’s Treble Choir

Twenty-Third Psalm - An Interpretation, Frances Waterman

Plus hymns and service music


Treble Choir - Rehearsal preparation leading up to March 26 church service

Practice 23rd Psalm in solfege and with words. F is "DO".

"Amazing Grace" We have made cuts to this arrangement: Sing in unison pages 4 through top of 6. At the end of measure 35 cut to measure 52 at the bottom of page 7 "When we've been there...." Stop at the bottom of page 8. 23rd Psalm and "Amazing Grace" to be learned for March performance.

Review I Hear America Singing, Hello Songs, and Kekeli. Sing from memory.