Week of February 5, 2018


Practice instructions – at least 20 minutes per day

These are the last few days before our concert.  Please put in the extra work!  A singer who doesn’t completely know their part is not able to hide behind the other singers.  That one singer will impact the success of the musical offering.  Please, give this 110% between now and Sunday.  Let’s have a great concert!


 Heaven – practice animal sounds

Lady of Liberty – practice rhythms on the last page, second ending.  Especially study where the rests are.

America the Beautiful – memorize text


For the Beauty of the Earth – study where you should breathe and NOT breathe.  Never breathe in the middle of a word.  Unless otherwise directed, do not breathe if there is no comma in the text or rest in the music. 

Song of Thanksgiving – Review your part in the two-part section on the last two pages.

How can I keep from singing – If there isn’t a comma in the text, please do not breathe.  Also, work to not breathe in the middle of words.  Review text memory, particularly the middle section, mm. 32&33.  Part two, please review your part on pp. 6&7.  Throughout the piece, be sure to crescendo on the longer note values in the middle of the musical phrases.

Hope for Resolution –Many of you do not know your text for this piece!  Read through this text each day and have another person challenge your memory work.

Lady of Liberty – review

America the Beautiful – memorize text


Pro Arte/Cavalieri

Mass for Three Voices:  Continue to work on memory.  Even if we are using our scores on this for this concert, the less reliant you are on the scores the better off you will be.  Secure notes and, especially, rhythms!  Review pronunciations with the guide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Am1PQ0p39w

Winter Solstice, Mvt. II – Pro Arte – Review

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor – Cavalieri - learn

Hope for Resolution – Review second ending, p.11.  It still was insecure on Monday.  Altos, you seemed to have forgotten you part on the Thula Sizwe.  Be certain you know this very well by Sunday.

Aus tiefer Not – Cavalieri – work on singing your part in tune, particularly on the first line.

Verleih uns Frieden – Cavalieri – review pronunciations

Out of the Depths and Grant Peace – Cantare – review

America the Beautiful – be sure your parts are memorized.

Continue reviewing:  God of Still Waiting - text, Freedom is Coming, The Storm is Passing, Draw the Circle – rhythmic energy, Lady of Liberty