Week of May 7, 2018


Practice instructions – at least 20 minutes per day

Treble and Concert: Learn your part on Siyahamba. Voice 1 – Treble choir plus Wills, Nishorgo, Caetie; Voice 2 – Shantoya, Keziah, Marquita, Maria; Voice 3 – Kamirra, Molly, Matilde and Nora

Memorize the text


It’s in My Desk – Secure memory work

Review: Heaven, Lady of Liberty, Love is Little, How Can I Keep From Singing?, America the Beautiful. Check memory work.


Sakura – Secure text memorization. Work hard on holding your own part in tune.

(Soprano 1 – Caetie, Maria and Shantoya; Soprano 2 – Wills, Marquita and Nishorgo; Alto 1 – Kamirra and Molly, Alto 2 – Matilde, Keziah and Nora)

May God be Merciful – Secure text memorization. Be sure you can hold your own part.

(Voice 1 – Molly, Matilde, Nora; Voice 2 – Kamirra, Keziah, Marquita and Maria; Voice 3 – Wills, Nishorgo, Shantoya and Caetie).

The Old Carrion Crow – Review memory work. Be sure your part is accurately learned.

(Part 1 – Caetie, Shantoya, Wills, Nishorgo, Maria and Marquita; Part 2 – Molly, Nora, Kamirra, Matilde, Keziah)

Lady of Liberty – Review. Wills, Shantoya, Nishorge and Caetie need to have the bottom part learned for mm. 70 – end.

Review: Lady of Liberty with middle sections, How Can I Keep From Singing?, and America the Beautiful

Pro Arte/Cavalieri

Mass for Three Voices: Practice counting while singing your part, singing on solfege syllables for tuning, and singing with the text while carefully thinking about pitch and rhythm. Pay special attention to memorizing the counting on rests and longer note values.

Remember to use the recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Am1PQ0p39w

Remember to give slight crescendos on longer note values. Also, remember to lift on dots and repeated notes.

Simple Song – Review. Remember using open vowels and crisp consonants. Work on phrasing.

Gloria Tibi - Review. Rhythmic breaths.

Cavalieri – Laudate Dominum and Give me your Tired. Work on phrasing

Pro Arte – Study your part for Shenandoah. Part 1 – Erica, Grace, Sharita and Dominique; Part 2 – Sophie, Siara, Faith, Part 3 – Meghan, Katherine, Lauren.