Week of May 28, 2018

Treble Choir, the first two pieces of the program are in really good shape.  Please spend 20 minutes on Thursday and Friday studying the text for “It’s in My Desk.”  Parents, please test your child’s memory work.

Heaven                                                                                                                                                           Pete Curry

Text by Langston Hughes

Love is Little                                                                                                             South Union Shaker Settlement

Arr. Carol McClure

It’s in My Desk                                                                                                                             Mary Lynn Lightfoot

Treble Choir

Treble and Concert Choirs, be sure you are able to hold your own part.  Part I has difficulty with this at measure 49 on the repeated Cs.

How Can I Keep from Singing?                                                                                                          Ginger Littleton

Treble and Concert Choirs

Concert Choir, while many of you are well prepared on the following pieces, several of you are not.  Please spend 30 minutes on Thursday and Friday studying the following pieces.

May God be Merciful to Me                                                                                          Arranged by Crystal Jonkman

Everyone needs to check memory on text and have someone test them on it.  Part two singers need to review their part on section 2 in solfege.  Everyone needs to review their part on solfege for section 3.  There were many incorrect notes on Tuesday!  

Sakura                                                                                                                                           Japanese traditional

Arr. Michael Neaum

This piece also needs to have the text accurately memorized.  Like Mr. Pete said, writing it out from memory is one good way to do this.  Find a way that works for you!  Again, have someone test you on memory work.  Be sure you can sing and hold your own part accurately, especially Alto 1 (Kamirra and Molly).

The Old Carrion Crow                                                                                                  Nova Scotian Folk Song

Arranged by Mary Goetze

Secure text memory.  Also, be sure you can hold your own part at the two part sections.  Remember to use crisp consonants.

Concert Choir

Laudate Dominum                                                                                                                              Charles Gounod

Cavalieri, work on good legato phrasing.  Grow longer note values.  Think about emphasizing important syllables.


Cantare, please carefully review the Byrd, Bernstein and Schalk pieces.  We discovered some of you need to continue carefully learning your part on the “Mass for Three Voices.”  You know who you are!  Spend a lot of time finishing memorizing “Plenty Good Room.”  I will expect Meghan and Katherine to have solos carefully worked out and memorized.  Meghan takes solo 1, Katherine solo 2.

Mass for Three Voices                                                                                                                             William Byrd




               Agnus Dei

From Mass                                                                                                                                       Leonard Bernstein

               Simple Song

               Gloria Tibi

Plenty Good Room                                                                                                                       Traditional Spiritual

               Arr. Dorothy W. Smith

(Meghan Nuckols and Katherine Pierre-Louise, soloists)

Grant Peace, We Pray, in Mercy, Lord (from Five Chorale Motets)                                                Carl F. Schalk


Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor                                                                                                                Irving Berlin

Like “Laudate Dominum,” work on excellent legato phrasing.


All choirs, please review the following pieces. 

America the Beautiful                                              Sing-along

Lady of Liberty                                                                                                                                        Nancy Gifford

Concert choir should review parts at the end of “Lady of Liberty,” especially those singing the bottom part.  Remember to sing it lightly.

Siyahamba                                                                                                                     South African Freedom Song  

Treble and Concert choirs, practice speaking and singing the different languages.  Concert Choir, review your own part in solfege to be sure you are singing accurate pitches.                                                                                 

All Choirs

Please take advantage of any opportunity to practice over the next two days.  I am sure we all want this concert to be the best it can be! 


Mrs. Crystal