Week of March 18, 2019

Practice Instructions and schedule for Lynchburg concert. Please follow this each day up to Saturday – This suggested practice schedule represents 70 minutes of work per day for the Pro Arte and about 35 minutes per day for the Concert Choir, depending upon how well you already know the music.

Is your dress still long enough? It will be very noticeable from the audience when you are singing up on the stage. Please let the hem down if needed or make arrangements with Mrs. Williford to look for a different dress on Saturday.

Pro Arte:

Spend 10 minutes per day reviewing the following three pieces. On Da Pacem, please work on chord tuning/getting your correct pitches. Also, please review the staggered breathing assignments.

Simple Gifts Aaron Copland

Da Pacem Jeff Enns

I Believe in the Sun (Lauren Relaford, soloist) Thomas Juneau

Spend 10 minutes per day memorizing the following 2 pieces:

Shenandoah Arranged by Mary Goetze

Pro Arte and Concert Choir:

At the River Aaron Copland Choral arrangement by R. Wilding White

Spend 50 minutes per day studying the following Folk Songs. Perfect solfege tuning as necessary. Study note and text rhythms:

p. 7 – 10 minutes – work especially hard on page 11.

p. 13 – 5 minutes

p. 17 – 5 minutes – Pro Arte sopranos should focus on descants beginning at rehearsal letter S.

p. 25 – 30 – 10 minutes (Concert Choir 5 minutes) – study endings of your part of the round. Pro Arte Soprano 1 and Alto 2 study semi-chorus parts beginning on page 29. Everyone else, please accurately learn the full chorus melody.

p. 35 – Pro Arte only – 10 minutes (Concert Choir 5 minutes) – please be able to accurately sing your part unaccompanied. Work especially hard on page 37.

p. 70 – 10 minutes (Concert Choir 5 minutes)– Pro Arte especially needs to secure parts. Please be able to accurately sing your part unaccompanied.

Pro Arte – please review descants on pp. 67-69 and pp. 60 -64 at least one time before Saturday.